Cheadle Primary Sports Crew 2015/2016

Cheadle Sports Crew aim to create enjoyable sporting activities for children in both Key Stage 1 and 2. Our main aim is to encourage children to enjoy all types of sports and activities as they go through Primary School.


Meet your new Sports Crew for 2015/2016:


Year 1

Ruby Burke

Sam Hegg


Year 2

Summer Stanton-Shaw

Jack Hilton-White


Year 3

Alexa Billman

Awah Mohamed


Year 4

Zara Longden-King

Harry Crawford

Year 5

Amelia Owen

Dylan Lamond

Year 6

Luke Ogden



Sports Crew Roles and Responsibilities

  • Listening to what other students want to do.
  • Organising and planning different types of events that will appeal to a range of young people.
  • Publicising events, competitions and school sports clubs.
  • Recruiting participants to take part.
  • Helping to organising sports events, such as Sport and Talent Week, Sports Days and celebration events and competitions.
  • Leading sporting activities in playground at break and lunch times.
  • Get the equipment ready before the session.
  • Start warm-ups.
  • Put the equipment away.
  • Help run a lunch time club or playground zone.
  • To increase sporting participation


Why have a Sports Crew?

Allowing children to have a role in PE and sport can help them to:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Act as role models for other pupils
  • Provide insights to help steer PE & school sport
  • Encourage and enthuse others in break and lunchtime activities