Our Curriculum


Our curriculum is creative, skills based and cross curricular. It has been developed to meet the needs of our children.


We teach six, five week, cross curricular Research Projects and with additional “Basic Skills and Knowledge Weeks” allocated throughout the year. Fridays are “Basic Skills and Knowledge Days”.


Each research project is based around an overall question and five further weekly key questions. The children are involved in deciding on the focus for each topic and “pupil voice” influences the choice of subsequent key questions. Each topic incorporates a visit out or visitors in school, as well as an event for parents.


Planning is based on the National Curriculum, Stockport Agreed RE syllabus and key skills.

Nursery and reception children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.


We aim to provide a broad, balanced rich and appropriate curriculum, whilst recognising the priority to plan for the acquisition and development of key skills in English and Mathematics.


From nursery onwards, phonics is taught through the “Letters and Sounds” programme and children are grouped according to ability. We use a national system to colour band an extensive variety of reading materials and children are encouraged to read widely and for enjoyment.


We also allocate a proportion of time to Personal, Social and Health Education.


This can include

  • Circle Time
  • Golden Time
  • Citizenship activities, such as those related to behaviour management, anti bullying, anti racism etc.
  • Programmes linked to the community
  • School Council activities
  • Pupil Ambassadors