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This half term we are learning about Ancient and Modern China. We will be discovering the differences between urban and rural China; learning a Chinese New Year Lion dance; producing a Chinese landscape in Art and finding out about the Ancient Chinese Shang dynasty!

We are really looking forward to it and hope you will support our learning in school with the following activities at home!

Homework Spring 1

We would like children’s English homework to have the following focuses;


Week 1 Make a travel brochure for China including images of contrasting areas; rural and urban
Week 2 Visit a supermarket, looking for foods and products from China; make a list of these
Week 3 Make a model of The Great Wall of China
Week 4 Research wildlife in China
Week 5 Find other places on the same latitude as China and compare climates
Week 6 Plan a holiday to China: choose 10 places to visit and explain why
Week 7 Attend the Chinese New Year celebrations in Manchester (see below)


We would encourage parents to take children to the Chinese New Year celebrations in Chinatown in Manchester over the weekend of 16th to 18th February 2018 with main celebrations on Sunday. For more information please see

The celebrations culminate on Sunday 18 February with the stunning dragon parade, accompanied by traditional lion dancing, martial arts displays, food stalls, a funfair with over 20 rides on Charlotte street, and a huge fireworks display at 6pm.

12pm: Martial arts and dance displays in Albert Square

12.30pm: Dragon appears in Albert Square

1pm: Dragon parade marches from the town hall to Chinatown

1.30pm: Dragon parade arrives in Chinatown NCP car park to firecrackers and New Year addresses from VIPs and community leaders.

2pm – 5pm: Lion and Unicorn visit and bless all of the businesses on Chinatown – some businesses will be setting off Chinese firecrackers when visited by the Lion and the Unicorn

2pm – 5pm: Two stages in Chinatown and Albert Square will provide a varied programme of spectacular Chinese acrobatics, dances and music

6pm: Fireworks finale to the celebrations in Chinatown

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