Well what an amazing day we have had today! Firstly we would like to say a huge thank you to Matt who ran the workshops for us, travelling all the way from Worthing, West Sussex.

Matt brought a selection of didgeridoos made from different types of wood. We all listened to him playing them and then we felt the vibrations. We got to hold the didgeridoos some were heavier than others.

We looked at a map to see where didgeridoos originated from and where the word boomerang came from. Matt brought some boomerangs for us to look at and showed us how to throw them so that they return.

We looked at some Aboriginal art made using the dot painting technique.

Our favourite bit was being able to play our own didgeridoo, it was quite tricky to blow a raspberry down them. Some of us were a natural at playing it!

Take a look at our photos, I’m sure your child will be able to tell you all about the fantastic day we have had.

Some questions you might want to ask them…….

What is a blood wood tree?

What is the name of the huge seed we saw?

What is the biggest spider called?

How do Aboriginals hollow out their didgeridoos?


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