This week our activities have centred around the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Most of the children were already familiar with the story. Some elements of the version that we read were different to the ones they had heard and it was interesting to hear how they thought the story might end.

In English we read and discussed Jack and the Beanstalk, talking about the characters and settings. We then sequenced the story using pictures and used them to retell it in their own words, encouraging them to use more complex sentences. We talked about the behaviour of Jack and the giant and which character we preferred. Some of the children wanted to be big and strong like the giant and some wanted to climb up the beanstalk like Jack. We discussed whether it was okay for Jack to take the harp and the hen from the giant. Some children suggested that it was bad to steal.

In Maths we have been sorting groups of magic beans by size, using the words most, least, more and fewer to compare them. We have also been counting numbered beans and sequencing them.

The children have been very creative this week. They imagined climbing up the beanstalk and described what they might see above the clouds. They then drew what they had described. We also explored colour by adding white and black paint to a base colour and talking about what effect it has. Outside they have been building castles using the large construction blocks and creating stories with the small world castle and figures.

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