We started off our Safer Internet Day with an assembly from Emma and Josh from Christians in schools. Emma talked about why certain games and apps have age restrictions and why it is important to not lie about our age on the internet. She talked about why we should never share information about ourselves online, and to block people who may try to send messages via games etc. She explained why it is important that we should report any strange activities to our parents or a familiar adult and that it should be reported to the game or app.

We then had a 30 minute workshop with Josh about using the internet and how we access it whether it be through tablets, phones, games consoles or laptops. The children were really good at answering his questions on how we can do it safely and what to do if something appears that shouldn’t. He asked them who spends the most time on the internet in their homes! There were some interesting answers!

In the afternoon one of our rotations was to carry on discussing how to stay safe online and to design some posters to share with others. It was very interesting to see how children upload games to their devices and their experiences using online gaming. We had a great session and hopefully discussions at home have taken place about their understanding of why staying safe on the internet is very important.

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