On Thursday we went to Stockley Farm and had a wonderful time. We saw lots of animals and stroked rabbits, goats, lambs, a tortoise, a hedgehog, a bearded dragon and some horses. We fed the baby lambs and goats with bottles of milk. We saw some great big pigs who were fast asleep and lots of cows with their babies. We all had a picnic lunch then a play on the playground. The children loved the slides, swings, sand and climbing equipment.

They all had a great day and were worn out by the time we got back on the coach, some children even had a little sleep on the way home!!

They said “The pigs were hairy and massive”       “I liked the horses best I want one at my house”     “The hedgehog did a wee and a poo, it was spiky”      “I liked feeding the goats, they drunk the milk fast”

Look at the photos of our day….

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