We had an amazing day at Stockley Farm!  First we visited Pet’s Corner and saw rabbits, guinea pigs and a ferret.  We then walked through the barn to look at pigs, sheep, calves, kids and lambs.

Afterwards we bottled fed the kids and brushed the horses.  We also saw owls, chickens and ducks.

Next was lunchtime.  We ate our packed lunches on the picnic benches and played on the park!

After lunch we went to the reptile house and saw tortoises, lizards, a hedgehog, turtles, a snake, stick insects and a bearded dragon. Then we went on a tractor ride.

Finally we looked at the milking parlour and learnt about how they milk the cows.

Lots of us slept on the coach journey home!  We had a very busy and exciting day!

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