This week we have been learning about ‘Hanukkah’.  This is what we have been learning:

Physical/PE:   This week we have practised our fine motor skills by making play dough Menorahs and also baking Challah bread.  We had to knead, roll and then plait the dough before it was baked.

Literacy:  This week we read a non-fiction (information) book about Hanukkah and learnt why Jewish people celebrate this festival.  We then read a rhyming poem about Hanukkah and spotted the rhyming words.  We have spent the rest of the week focusing on identifying and thinking of more rhyming words as we are finding this quite tricky!

Maths:  This week we have been learning about how to find 1 more (get another one) and 1 less (put one back).  We then moved onto trying to recall 1 more and 1 less mentally or by using a number line if we got stuck.  Mrs Martin’s group have focused on working with numbers to 10 and Mrs Chadwick’s group have worked with numbers to 20.

Understanding the World:  This week we learnt about how Hanukkah is celebrated and compared it to other festivals we have learnt about – Birthdays, Bonfire Night, Eid and Diwali.  We have also had a science lesson this week about ‘Light’.  We learnt about things that are sources of light (the sun, stars, torches, lamps etc) and things which are not sources of light (mirrors, windows, the moon).

Expressive art and design:  This week we have made hand print Menorahs and added finger painted flames.  We have also made our own Menorahs using play dough and added detail with other resources.




Mrs Chadwick’s group:

This week we have learnt the sounds:


zz – whizz and fizz

ch –  achoo!

sh – ssshhhhh

th – (2 different sounds – th as in three and th as in then) – thank you

We have also learnt tricky word ‘you’.


Mrs Martin’s group:

This week we have recapped tricky word ‘into’.  We have been practising all of our Phase 2 sounds and focusing on reading and writing CVC words (hat, man, dog etc).



We also had ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ on Friday to celebrate the start of December!  Our ‘Elf on the Shelf’ arrived from Father Christmas.  We have named him ‘Tom’.  He will be watching our behaviour each day and reporting back to the North Pole!  We hope he doesn’t get up to too much mischief in our classroom!


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