This week we have been learning about ‘Space’.  This is what we have been learning:

Physical:   This week in PE we have started to use the gymnastic equipment.  We have learnt how to carry mats safely and played chasing and avoiding games such as ‘Sharks’.  We have been using tweezers to get the stars out of the alien goo!

Literacy:  This week we have read; How to Catch a Star’.  We have created our own ending for the story and thought of words that rhyme with ‘star’. We have talked about different ways we could catch a star and drew pictures and wrote sentences about our ideas.

Maths:  This week we have been practising counting irregular arrangements by crossing out the pictures as we count.  We have also recapped 1 more and 1 less.

Understanding the World:  This week we had a visit from one of our ‘Physics teacher’ parents who taught us all about Space!  We have watched ‘Stargazing’ on CBeebies which is a great programme with lots of new facts!  In RE we talked about Earth and nature.  We went into the playground to talk about the natural things that we could see and hear.

Expressive art and design:  This week we have used different materials to create a scene from a spaceship window and talked about the texture of the materials.




Mrs Chadwick’s group:

This week we have learnt the sounds:


oo – look at a book

or – shut the door

ur – nurse with a purse

ow – brown cow

We have also learnt tricky word ‘all’.


Mrs Martin’s group:

This week we have learnt the sounds:


j – down his body, curl and dot

v – down a wing, up a wing

w – down up down up

x – down the arm and leg and repeat the other side

We have also learnt tricky words’he’ and ‘she’.


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