This week we have been learning about ‘The Beach’.  This is what we have been learning:

Physical/PE:   This week in PE we practised some activities for our Sports Day!  We have lalso been using tweezers to pick up glass beads to decorate different patterns in Funky Fingers.

Literacy:  This week we have read ‘What can live at the beach?’.  We learnt about different animals and their habitats.  We also completed a beach word hunt, thinking of things we would see at the beach for each letter of the alphabet.  We have written recounts of our previous visits to the beach, trying to use words such as first, next, later on etc.  We also pretended we were at the beach and wrote postcards home.

Maths:  This week Miss Nathans’ class have been recapping doubling.  We have also solved doubling word problems.  Mrs Chadwick’s class have been learning about division and how to read division number sentences.  We also looked at splitting shapes and pizzas into halves and quarters.

Understanding the World:  Last week we noticed that some of the children did not know the lifecycle of a caterpillar so this week we read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and watched youtube clips of monarch butteflies spinning cocoons.  The children were fascinated!

Expressive art and design:  This week we have designed our own fish.  We used different colouring tools and patterns to make them look fabulous!  We have been playing in our ‘Seaside Shop’ role play area too!



Miss Nathans’ group:

This week we have recapped the sounds:

air – that’s not fair

er – better letter

ure – sure it’s pure

We have learnt the new tricky words ‘there’ and ‘little’.


Mrs Chadwick’s group:

This week we have recapped Phase 5 sounds and thought about all  the different ways we know to write ai, ee, oa and ue.

This week we learnt how to spell ‘because’ using the phrase ‘big elephants can always understand small elephants’.


We are very excited about our beach visits next week! Don’t forget school is closed on Monday 10th July for INSET day.


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