We have had a great start to the Spring term and the children are really enjoying our new topic about Space. It has been very interesting listening to their thoughts and ideas about ‘What is space?’. Some of the comments have been lovely and amusing at the same time!!

“Space is on the moon, there is stars and they are yellow. There are people in space and they fly in a rocket to get to space.”

“Space is in the sky. Fireworks go in space and the moon. Planets are balls up there. Aliens are red, they eat jelly.”

“The moon is near the star caves.”

“Rockets go into the sky to the moon. Aliens are in space. the rocket makes a loud noise when it starts going into the sky.”

We have been reading the story ‘Laura’s Star’ and the children have done really well to recall the story in sequence and talk about how Laura is feeling at the beginning and end of the story. In Maths we have been using moon rocks to identify which pile has more / most, less / least and also which piles have the same amount. We have also been trying to order numbered rockets up to 10.

We have done some lovely work about textures and the children did some crayon rubbings to create a picture of textured planets. We got some nice language to describe how each material felt. The children were interested in finding out about some of the planets so we used Google to find pictures and information about Saturn, Mars, Earth and Jupiter.




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