We have had a busy first week back to school with our new topic ‘Once upon a time’ and World Book Day. The children have had lots of fun reading, acting out and completing various activities about Goldilocks and the three bears. We have read different versions of the story and looked at some similarities and differences. We drew the characters and attempted to write some labels. In Maths we have been working on using the language of size and matching small, medium and big bowls, spoons, chairs and beds to baby bear, mummy bear and daddy bear. We made some porridge then sequenced the instructions and explained how we made it. We were very impressed with the detail the children remembered and some of the explanations for using the microwave were amazing!!

The highlight of our week has been World Book Day. We loved all your costumes and the children really enjoyed the stories read to them by parents and other adults. We had lots of activities based around Goldilocks and the three bears which everybody had a go at. Take a look at some of our fab photos….


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