Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum


Our curriculum is creative, skills based and cross curricular. It has been developed to meet the needs of our children.



We provide a vibrant and broad curriculum to capture the interest and imagination of all pupils. Special weeks are planned into our school year to allow children to experience a range of activities and develop their growing skills. We have Sport and Talent Week where children get to compete in sporting events, showcase their skills in activities such as skateboarding, archery and photography and develop their skills in art.


The Foundation Stage pupils follow the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage. Whilst we follow the strands and standards within the National Curriculum, for Key Stages 1 and 2, each academic year we teach cross-curricular Research Projects all of which have basic skills woven throughout. Letters and Sounds are used for the teaching of phonics. Quality resources and texts are vital in giving children the best possible tools for learning. We use artefacts, digital resources and reading schemes such as, Oxford Reading Tree, Big Cat, Project X and Discovery World. Pupil voice plays a large part of our curriculum; giving children ownership of their learning, making them excited to learn!


We have introduced enrichment days into our curriculum, we have recently had a ‘History Day’ where staff and children got to dress in costume to bring learning to life. Children studied a range of historical periods. There are more exciting enrichment days to look forward to, such as, ‘Staying Safe’, ‘Geography’ and ‘Exploration and Discovery’.


Curriculum enhancement is hugely important to us, therefore we often use specialists to teach specific areas of expertise, such as Steel Band, Ukulele, Street Dance and Art. We enhance our PE curriculum by employing Play Development Leaders, a sports coach and have had outside training to upskill some of our children to become Sports Ambassadors.


Cross curricular work can be found in our Enrichment books, through displays, on our website and in Learning Journeys. Children learn in a variety of ways and therefore our curriculum reflects a range of learning styles, such as practical exploration and learning in a visual way.


We aim to provide a broad, balanced rich and appropriate curriculum, whilst recognising the priority to plan for the acquisition and development of key skills in English and Mathematics.


We also allocate a proportion of time to Personal, Social and Health Education.


This can include:

  • Circle Time
  • Golden Time
  • Citizenship activities, such as those related to behaviour management, anti bullying, anti racism etc.
  • UNICEF Rights Respecting activities
  • Programmes linked to the community
  • School Council activities
  • Pupil Ambassador work with other schools
  • Sports Ambassador activities